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With the growth of e-commerce and the range of devices with internet connections available, purchasing goods and services online is becoming ever more common. It allows online shoppers to purchase products, goods and services almost anywhere. More people are choosing to make online purchases for convenience but also because of the competitive price. Having a website that delivers a secure online purchase experience to your customers will not only mean you improve customer service but will also allow you to reach a larger target audience and therefore increase revenue.

Our E-Commerce Web Development Solutions

  • Seamless Integration – Our e-commerce solution is designed to blend seamlessly into your new or current website retaining the same look, same feel and full brand compatibility.
  • Complete Flexability and customisation – Our e-commerce solution is a feature filled, customisable online storefront and shopping cart system. So whatever your type of business and how you operate our solution will meet you business needs.
  • Secure Online Transactions – Creating an online store is all well and good but it is imperative that your payments and transactions are fully secure all of the time. Our e-commerce solution includes making sure your online store is 100% secure 24 hours a day meaning you can relax and concentrate on your orders and sales process.
  • Simple & Intuitive Store Management – Our e-commerce solution makes it easy for you and your staff to have full control of your store allowing you to make changes easily. Adding & deleting items, changing prices, descriptions, images and so much more is all very simple and in your hands, no HTML or coding is required.
  • Cross Device Compatibility – All of our e-commerce stores are designed and created to be fully responsive on all devices meaning that a seamless experiance is delivered to customers whether on desktop, tablet or on mobile devices.
  • Fast & Stable Shopping Experience – If its one issue that online customers don’t like it’s waiting too long to access what they are wanting to accomplish. In this case that is finding products and then wishing to purchase them quickly. Our e-commerce solution is designed to provide a stable and lightning quick process from landing on product pages right through to finally getting confirmation that their purchase has been successful.
  • Scalable E-Commerce Store – Our e-commerce solution is suitable for all types of businesses whether they are selling one product or hundreds products. Our e-commerce stores are able to handle every level of complexity meaning that when your business grows your online store is able to scale seamlessy with it.

Some Things You Will Need to Know

There are many different options for how you wish to take payments online when you have an e-commerce store. These are called payment gateways and their purpose is to authorise customers credit / debit card transactions while processing them securely with the sellers merchant account. Popular payment gateways include :
American Express

Merchant accounts are set up through a bank to allow businesses to accept debit or credit card payments. The money is firstly put into the merchant account which is then later transferred to the business’s bank account. Merchant account providers, verify customer information and credit card details (address and card number). They also check for sufficient funds and if the card is reported as lost or stolen.

With help choosing and setting up a merchant account that is right for you and your business needs, contact Jamie Clague Web Development today!

Simple Alternatives to Merchant Accounts

One very simple method of accepting payments online is to use a payment processor. The two most commonly used payment processors are PayPal and Stripe. Both offer very similar features and function the same way however there are advantages and disadvantages to both which you can read about here. Most importantly both of these solutions are able to provide the highest level of security when it comes to payments meaning that customers trust that payments will be handled securely. 

Although both of these solutions allow you to make payments online, they both offer different features such as:

– Transaction fee’s
– Payment methods
– Accepted Currencies
– Third party integrations 
– Hosting Plans

For more information on choosing the right payment processor that is right for your business needs then check out this great article or contact us today.


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