WordPress Web Design & Development Services

One of the most powerful marketing tools that any business or brand can have is their website. It allows your company to connect with a greater target audience and to deliver engaging content on a whole new level. Therefore it is vital that your website is designed and developed to be clean, responsive and user friendly in order to engage users to make sure that their experience is enjoyable.

Whether you are a startup or a well – established company, my goal is to design and develop a website that matches your vision, allows you to achieve your business goals and exceeds your users expectations. By designing a website that does so allows you to connect with your target audience helping you to create more interest in the services you provide or the products you sell.

E-Commerce Websites

Have the ability to sell your products online to your customers 24/7. With the growth of e-commerce and mobile purchases it has become essential that businesses can provide a platform for it’s customers that delivers a secure online purchase experience. Jamie Clague Web Development has the ability to create a shopping experience for your business, enabling you to offer your services and products online helping you to maximise sales & profit.

Informational Websites

A information website is essentially a online brochure. It allows your customers to find out who you are and everything you do. It serves as a critical marketing tool for your business and allows you to connect with your customers. No matter what your company provides, your website should always be fast, resonsive and simple to use. That is why I provide a intuitive, easy to use, do it yourself CMS which allows you to update and make changes to your site whenever you want. The perfect solution for any small or startup company.

Website Templates

A pre-designed WordPress template is perfect for startups or small businesses who are on a tight budget. A website template is a out of the box design and layout, there are a wide selection of templates available, all use sample content (text, imagery etc) and are clean and easy on the eye. All website templates are fast, responsive and are integrated with a easy to use, do it yourself WordPress theme. This theme allows you to change the text, colours and imagery within minutes saving you a bunch of time & money.

Other Services

Logo & Branding Design

First impressions count, and your logo / branding is likely to be the first piece of material a customer see’s, it is the face of your business. Your logo is what your customers identify and connect with and the influence this has should not be overlooked. Your branding reflects your company’s personality and core values. My aim is to design a logo that can connect you to your customers and will leave a lasting, memorable impression.

Website Maintenance

Your website cannot be left to run and maintain itself, it is important for any website to have up-to-date information and to continue to make sure it functions efficiently in order to engage visitors. Website maintenance services are vital and will ensure that your website is not only up to date but also secure to eliminate any vulnerabilities. I provide a number of highly flexable and customizable maintainence plans for all types of business needs, small or large.

Domain & Hosting Setup

It does not matter whether your website is one page or is an e-commerce platform, for any business it is crucial that your website is fast and reliable. Not only that but having a domain that customers can recognise and identify with is just as important. I am able to help businesses with domain and hosting solutions and I only offer sensible and affordable pricing. Instead of a one fits all package, I believe that you should only pay for the services that you need.

Digital Marketing

Having a website and getting people to come to it is important. Getting the same users to keep coming back is key to a successful website. By using certain online marketing techniques you can start to drive traffic to your site, but also get those same visitors to keep coming back. Online Marketing is one of the most best and most powerful ways to do this, building your online following, helping you to gain new customers and increase your revenue.

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