Stage 1

Meeting & Information Gathering

Meeting a new client for the first time is essential and the building blocks of where every project begins. It’s the most important part of the whole process because it is where I get to find out everything about you the client, the company or business involved and the goals, aspirations and vision you wish to accomplish and for me to deliver.

Stage 2

Research & Plan

Using the information gathered from the meeting(s) with clients its then important to put together a plan and strategy for how best to achieve the deliverables discussed. Knowing all there is to know about your business, your target audience and the goals you want to reach, I can then to start formulate site maps, competitor analysis and content strategies for making sure people online recognise your business, identify & ultimately engage with it.

Stage 3

Mock-ups & Design

Having a plan and strategy is vital and it leads into the design phase to make sure what is actually going to be created is visually inline to help reach goals and objectives. Using the plan and strategy I am able to design mock-ups and wire frames that meet the criteria but also look and function so that it reflects your business and its identity.

Stage 4

Develop & Build

Once the client is completely happy with the design I can then start to build the website itself and then enter in all the required content. All the webistes I build are 100% responsive and use the best SEO & security practices. I integrate an easy to use content manaagment system to wrap the website which allows you the client to be able to change and edit your pages and content whenever you like.

Stage 5

Client Feedback, Review & Testing

Once I have developed the website and have entered all the required content I can then provide the client with a link to be able to look and review the website for some valuable feedback. If amendments are necessary then these are completed before it is vigorously tested on all different types of media, devices and browsers to make sure that it is 100% ready to be launched.

Stage 6

Live Launch

It’s finally time to celebrate as the time has come to launch the website, its important to make sure you have your marketing channels and accounts ready to annonce the big news to everyone (I have some suggestions for this) and maybe a bottle of champaaigne for all your hard work. I’ll continue to make sure that your website is secure and backed up and running smoothly for FREE for the next month.