Hi, I’m Jamie.

I love helping startups

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Whether your a startup, small or established company, your online presence is going to be a key part of your success. It’s the hub of what you do, its a powerful business marketing tool and it’s how lots of your customers will discover your brand. First impressions matter, that’s why I work with you to help your customers connect, identify and engage with you to help you grow organically.

I Need A New Affordable Website

It could be argued that almost everything happens online nowadays. Whether that is people checking out a menu online or even booking your next dental appointment. More Business owners are realising the necessity of having a online presence. By getting your business online and creating a a strong web presence you open yourself up to new exciting possibilities. I know how important it is for small businesses or startups to get themselves online without having to pay through the roof to do so. That’s why I offer extremely affordable packages to help you get online that helps you to reach new customers, increase your revenue and help your business grow.

I want to sell my products / Services Online

Purchasing goods and services online is becoming ever more common. The range of devices with internet connections available to online shoppers allows products to be purchased almost anywhere. More people are choosing to make online purchases for convenience, but also because of the competitive price. Having a website to provide this service to your customers will not only mean you improve customer service but will also allow you to reach to a larger target audience and therefore increased revenue.

I want to grow my business online

You may already have a website or online presence but that doesn’t guarantee that you will have any success online. Digital Marketing tools and techniques are a business owners best chance of business growth. It is a cost effective approach and allows you to target new audiences that actually convert to help generate better revenue. I help companies with digital marketing to help reach out to new customers to grow their business. In doing so it helps create a brand that existing customers will return too and new customers will be happy to trust.

So, What Else Can I Do For You?

Domain & Hosting Setup

It does not matter whether your website is one page or is an e-commerce platform, for any business it is crucial that your website is fast and reliable. Not only that but having a domain that customers can recognise and identify with is just as important. I am able to help businesses with domain and hosting solutions and I only offer sensible and affordable pricing. Instead of a one fits all package, I believe that you should only pay for the services that you need.

Website Maintenance

Your website cannot be left to run and maintain itself, it is important for any website to have up-to-date information and to continue to make sure it functions efficiently in order to engage visitors. Website maintenance services are vital and will ensure that your website is not only up to date but also secure to eliminate any vulnerabilities. I provide a number of highly flexable and customizable maintainence plans for all types of business needs, small or large.

Digital Marketing

Having a website and getting people to come to it is important. Getting the same users to keep coming back is key to a successful website. By using certain online marketing techniques you can start to drive traffic to your site, but also get those same visitors to keep coming back. Online Marketing is one of the most best and most powerful ways to do this, building your online following, helping you to gain new customers and increase your revenue.

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